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Have you try an Insurance for your Home? Or you still looking for the best home Insurance? Or you don’t even know what insurance is?

Insurance is a term used to refer to act, systems, or business wich give you protection for your financial (or financial compensation) for your life, property, health, etc. from unpredictible incident that can occur like death, lost, damage or illness.

In America there are plenty problem that homeowners might be face, like tornado, fire, flood etc. But, don’t worry about it! Lighthouse Property Insurance Corporation here to offer you an insurance for your home so you don’t’ have to worry anymore. At lighthouse, we’ll offering you all protection for your house and family in both costal and inland areas no matter what they face. And every Lighthouse policy is built with reliable coverage you can trust. We believe it’s something you should consider. And it’s how we’ll help guide your way forward. You can find us in Luoisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas.

Policy Products Vary by State:
- Homeowner’s Insurance
For Homeowners Insurance we offer both property and personal liability protection, wich compensates for judgments, legal expenses and medical costs when you are found liable for demages or injuries to others. We also cover all loss or demage to your home and belongings, including from hurricane, fire, lightning, tornado, hail, explosion, smoke, vandalism, theft, and even increased living expense after loss if your home can’t be lived in we’ll cover it all.

- Condo Insurance
Condo Insurance is a little bit different from homeowners insurance because you usually only need to protect the inside of your condo such as interior walls, appliances, personal property and other valuables.

- Renters Insurance
With this Insurance, most of the stuff you own is typically covered againts losses from fire or smoke, vandalism, windstorm, water damage, and even theft. We can also cover your responsibility to other people injuried at your home or elsewhere by you, a family member or your pet.

- Dwelling Fire Insurance
Dwelling Fire Insurance can protects your home from many common causes damage, such as fire, hail, and lightning. 

- Flood Insurance
Flood Insurance policy is designed to cover flood damage including overflow of inland and tidal waters, mudflow, erosion along shoreline and rapid, unusual accumulation or runoff of surface water.

Claims Prrocess
- Step two
In the meantime, take pictures and start a list of all your demaged items being as detailed as possible. 

- Step three
when the adjuster inspect your statement in order to determine what needs to be repaired or replaced. The field adjuster will then prepare a report estimating your covered damages, include to your home, personal property, and unattached structures.

- Step four
The report will be submitted to an insurance claims examiner for review. If not, we will inform you of our decision and of applicable policy terms and conditions upon which we are basing our decision

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